Managing Director | Gary Lee

In 2006, Gary founded Aggasys Solutions with a small team of aspiring engineers. We have a common belief that we should provide best value IT products and services to meet our customers’ requirements. By setting the overall direction of the company based on this belief, he ensured that we deliver what we had promised no matter the constraints or the difficulties faced. Overcoming all sorts of problems and issues in the early years, we have persevered to successfully meet all the initial challenges with pride and satisfaction. These values are still instilled in Aggasys till this day, and our team continues to dedicate ourselves in the same way while also finding more ways to do better. This dedication from our team gives our customers the trust and assurance that their IT infrastructure is safe in our hands. We highly value our customers while forging a long term relationship with them. Based on this principle, our clientele has increased tremendously over the years.