Hardware and Software Reseller

We supply a wide range of computer hardware, software, peripherals, and consumables to serve as a one-stop-shop for customers.

As an authorised reseller, we ensure all products are genuine and are covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

IT Consultancy Services

We apply 5W1H approach to guide our team to gather information from our customers. 

This way we will have a better understanding of our customers’ requirements.

IT Professional Services

Our services include Cybersecurity, Data Center Solution, Networking, Data Protection, Storage & Data Management, Microsoft Technologies, Cloud Computing, Marine offshore IT Integration and End User Computing. 

Maintenance Services

Since Information Technology is never stagnant and always changing, IT Maintenance services are essential and cannot be ignored. We understand that every company’s IT environment is unique. Thus, we personalise our service to meet your requirements.

We have a team of dedicated and certified engineers to provide preventive and corrective IT maintenance service. Our service will provide you with trouble free, fast, and an efficient functioning IT environment.

     Other Services

  • Laser engraving for laptops
  • Asset Tagging
  • Enterprise Equipment Burn-in test
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Cabling
  • Enterprise Equipment Relocation Service
  • Hard Disk Degaussing