Gary Lee

Managing director

In 2006, Gary founded Aggasys Solutions with a small team of aspiring engineers. We have a common belief that we should provide best value IT products and services to meet our customers’ requirements. By setting the overall direction of the company based on this belief, he ensured that we deliver what we had promised no matter the constraints or the difficulties faced. Overcoming all sorts of problems and issues in the early years, we have persevered to successfully meet all the initial challenges with pride and satisfaction. These values are still instilled in Aggasys till this day, and our team continues to dedicate ourselves in the same way while also finding more ways to do better. This dedication from our team gives our customers the trust and assurance that their IT infrastructure is safe in our hands. We highly value our customers while forging a long term relationship with them. Based on this principle, our clientele has increased tremendously over the years.

  • Sales


Sales Manager

Carmennz is our liveliest sales personnel. She is an energetic and outgoing lady. Her fast response, coupled with cheerful attitude, has allowed her to make countless sales. She ensures that timelines are met, and the end-to-end process is smooth. Her positive and diligent work attitude has resulted in positive customer experience and feedback.


Sales Manager

Benjamin has been with Aggasys since 2017. He has accumulated a vast sales experience in IT hardware products mainly business laptops, desktops, workstations and monitors. If you ever do require to speak someone specifically on those products, you should speak to him.

  • Digerati


Deputy General Manager

Kevin has been with the company for more than 15 years as a manager. He is a great person to work with. He specialises in Networking, Server and Storage and Project Management. He has handled many successful projects over the years. He diligently keeps his project team of engineers well informed and provide productive insights when needed. He initiates team-building activities to strengthen the bond between engineers. Despite his workload, Kevin always finds time to spend time with his family and friends.


Service Delivery Manager

Kenji is very dedicated and responsive. He always strives to help his colleagues without hesitation and is always a pleasure to work with. Kenji specialises in Backup and Storage implementation. He also manages projects on a day-to-day basis. Despite his multiple responsibilities, Kenji possesses an almost contagious outgoing personality that generates a very positive work atmosphere. He also excels at conveying concerns to customers and colleagues, enabling him to deliver his services to utmost standards.



A very ambitious and driven individual with strong mental fortitude, Fahme is considered a “Jack of all Trades”. He is a very passionate and efficient worker and strives his best to build a good lasting impression in all the customers he has served. Within the team, he is an inspirational mentor and a role model who is willing to impart his skills to the team. Fahme is a Subject Matter Expert for VMWare products. He is a Certified VMWare Professional and a certified Ethical Hacker. He is able to cover lifecycle of a project effectively.



Larry loves to meet new people and makes lasting impressions. He is cheerful by nature and strives to deliver outstanding service to our customers. His wealth of knowledge is attributed to his quick learning abilities. Though his specialties are in Networking and Storage, he has an excellent knowledge in Windows, Linux, Firewall and Antivirus software and solutions. He is CCNA certified.

Jin Liang


A hardworking engineer who strives to excel in his field of work, his thirst for knowledge drives him to read and learn from his colleagues. Jin Liang is constantly looking for ways to work more efficiently, achieving productivity with minimum wasted effort yet fulfilling customers’ requirement at the same time. He specialises in Windows and Linux Security hardening, Virtualization and Storage implementation.



Richard is our networking go-to-guy. He is extremely humble and possess a wide array of networking and server troubleshooting skills, all of which he has accumulated over the years. Richard is never known to shy away from challenges and rises up to resolve issues faced by customers during project implementation. He specialises in configuration and monitoring of network devices and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate.



A young and cheerful individual, Dan is one of our networking engineers who works tirelessly to deliver the best networking solutions for our customers. Though sometimes quiet, he takes every initiative to assist his fellow engineers no matter how small the task. Dan possesses an acute sense for troubleshooting networking issues and is able to resolve most issues independently, making him a very approachable and efficient member of our team. He is a Cisco Certified Network Associate who specialises in switching/routing and network security.

Unsung heroes