• Successful Project Story

Delivering Next-gen ICT Infrastructure to 360 Schools

We are honoured to join the journey with government and educational institutions to lay the ICT foundation for Singapore’s smart education system, providing solutions that enable connectivity and enriching the learning environment for teachers and students.

We visited 360 schools around the island to install required ICT equipment. We provided project management with single point of contact and modernized data center to make sure equipment in every school can be detected and centrally managed.

Airport Integrated Passenger Processing System

Airport boarding control is critical and require a strong backend system to support its core function. Our tech team built the system from ground up and made a significant contribution despite all the challenges encountered during the implementation.

Marine Platform MIS Infrastructure in Middle East

A unique project for us to build MIS Infrastructure. We installed IT equipment in the vessel’s server room and endpoints in the crew’s cabin. We also provided Microsoft and Symantec solution to make sure the vessel’s IT system is centrally managed with scheduled backups.

Aerospace Flight Simulator Setup in Europe

A rare project that is related to aerospace work. We spent a few months in Singapore preparing before heading to Europe to continue our testing. Despite the tight timeline and budget, we are very proud of our team as they were able to finalise the work in Europe while ensuring the functionality of the system after the equipment were relocated.

Smart Nation Project

As a Singapore company, we played a small yet crucial part to Smart Nation. Throughout the entire year, our team of engineers were able to overcome many challenges through sheer grit and countless nights of troubleshooting. We never gave up despite multiple change requests and were able to deliver the project on time. This project has allowed us to demonstrate our professionalism, patience, unwavering attitude and team work which ultimately gained our customer’s trust.